Detailed WWE NXT Live Event Results From Indy (2/6): Worst Match, 2 Of 3 Falls, Sami Zayn, More

- Thanks to reader Ryan Brammer (@DarkMatchBotch) for the following WWE NXT live event report from last night's show in Indianapolis, Indiana:

The Murat Egyptian Room is an old and iconic concert music hall in Indianapolis. ECW Wrestling was hosted here a long time ago that had a famous TV spot when Taz defeated Mike Awesome in a quick squash to claim the ECW Championship.


There was mass confusion when fans were let in at 6:30pm est. The ringside sections had been shifted and locations had been renumbered and you had to use the ushers to find where your actual seat was located. This was due to section numbers changing and the layout changing from the original setup. Basically if you had a floor seat your ticket info (row/seat) stated something different than your actual seat location. Confused fans were still searching for their seats well into the 3rd match which was kind of annoying.

Funny moment before the bell, the ring announcer played NXT Trivia with fans. She gave a guy an opportunity to win February 23rd Smackdown tickets in Indianapolis. When she asked what his name was he instantly plugged his Xbox gamertag and said he's "on that WWE 2K16 dominatin'" only to receive a chorus of boos from the fans and he did not get to play the trivia game. The ring announcer found another contestant and gave away the tickets.


Balor announced as injured. Will not compete this evening.

Asuka defeats Emma via submission. Good pop for Asuka. Halfway through the match the crowd was split on Asuka and Emma with both getting their names chanted. Good opening contest where both competitors got in a fair share of offense and executed well.

Blake and Murphy defeated Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano with a tag team finisher into a pinfall. High energy match and many NXT chants. Crowd behind Ciampa and Gargano all the way. More NXT and "this is awesome" chants as Ciampa and Gargano set the pace of the match. After losing, Ciampa and Gargano get a standing ovation from the lively crowd.

Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss to retain the NXT Women's Championship. Huge pop for Bayley. Bayley chants prior to the start and lots of stalling and hugging. Bayley wins with Bayley to Belly. Bayley talks to the crowd about how much of a bummer it is that Finn cannot compete tonight. She calls out Finn and he comes out on crutches. Thank you Finn chants fill the arena. Finn tells Bayley he is sad about the ankle injury and the fact he cannot compete tonight. Bayley runs to the back. Balor music hits. She does his entrance, jacket and all and does his entrance perfectly. They hug and celebrate in the ring together.



Dash and Dawson defeated Gable and Jordan to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles in a 2 out of 3 falls match. "Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers" chant for Jordan (IU Wrestling). Loud IU chants throughout match as well. Gable and Jordan get first pinfall. Dash and Dawson get 2nd fall and 3rd fall. Tons of near falls at the end for Gable and Jordan on both Dash and Dawson to keep the crowd on edge.

Nia Jax defeats Billie Kay. Worst match of the night. Billie kept trying to put Nia in holds that just did not work. Lots of stalling with this approach. Nia gained control and ended it with her leg drop. Nia seemed disinterested in the match.

Sami Zayn defeated Baron Corbin/Samoa Joe in a Triple Threat match. Sami and Joe start the match. Corbin stalls outside the ring. Joe throws Corbin in the ring. Joe takes a folding chair and sits outside the ring to watch. Sami and Corbin go at it. "Lets go Corbin, Corbin sucks" chants. Joe drags Sami out of the ring. All 3 fight on the outside. Sami and Joe back in the ring with good back and forth action. Corbin throws Joe out and beats up on Sami. Corbin throws him out and Joe goes to work on him on the outside. Joe and Sami back in the ring and Joe has the upper hand. All three in the ring now. Joe and Corbin double team Sami. Joe mocks Sami's shuffle dance. More double team on Sami. Corbin turns on Joe and now controls the match. Sami dumps Corbin out and does his flip over the ropes to the outside and takes out both. Crowd is hot. NXT chants. Back in the ring Sami gets a nearfall on Joe. Corbin also gets a nearfall on Joe. Crowd chanting "you still suck" to Corbin. Nearfall on Sami by Joe. All 3 give each other boots to the face and are all laid out. Referee not administering the 10 count as it is a Triple Threat. Musclebuster attempt by Joe blocked by Sami. Big time spinning suplex by Corbin on Sami gets a 2 count. Armbar submission by Joe on Corbin. Sami breaks it up. Sleeper on Corbin by Joe. Big running boot by Sami gets both of them in the head. He covers Corbin for the victory. Zayn gives Corbin and Joe props on the mic afterward. Also thanks the Indianapolis crowd and leaves with "We are NXT" chants.


All in all a great show, even without Balor competing. Two and half hours long. Standing room only sold out venue.