Jim Cornette Talks About Wrestlers He'd Start A Promotion With, Sunny's New Film Career, Vader, More

Jim Cornette participated in a Reddit Ask me Anything recently, where he spoke out on a variety of subjects. You can see some highlights below, and the full post at this link.

If people should get out of wrestling if they don't want to be world champions:

"f--k the "get out" statement--everyone should try as hard as they can, but anyone who has something to offer and respects the sport should be allowed to participate"

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Who he'd start a promotion with tomorrow:

"I hate to insult anyone by leaving someone out, and I don't watch much modern wrestling or NXT, but Jay Lethal, Briscoes, Adam Cole, AJ, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Storm (James OR Lance:), etc."

Why Vader went down the WWE card in 1996:

"Michaels was a p---y and didn't like working with Leon because he was too stiff"

Sunny's adult film career:

"I think of Tammy as a protege and loved Chris, I just hope she gets paid and is happy"


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