– John Cena often posts random and off the wall photos to his Instagram page but one he posted this morning has a lot of fans on social media talking – CM Punk’s Twitter profile photo. Punk has used a photo of Paul Newman in the movie Slapshot for a while now and fans are speculating that Cena could be teasing Punk in WWE. You may remember Cena posted a photo of AJ Styles last month before he made his surprise debut at the WWE Royal Rumble. A Punk WWE return seems highly unlikely and Cena is likely just teasing fans but anything is possible in the wacky world of pro wrestling.

The bio on Cena’s Instagram page reads like this, “Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.” Here is the photo of Punk’s avatar, with no caption, and you can see in the comments that fans are running wild with speculation.

A photo posted by John Cena (@johncena) on

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