Lucha Underground Recap (2/17): Puma Vs. Pentagon, Joey Ryan Debuts, Rey Mysterio On Temple History

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- Prince Puma and Pentagon, Jr. face off for the first time ever tonight in our main event, but we're going to kick off with the first trios match of the season.

Chavo Guerrero & The Crew vs. Ivelisse, Angelico & Son of Havoc

Looks like the team is back on the same page, as Ivelisse and Angelico beat down on Cisco to start out the match. The goons eventually use their numbers game to pick on Ivelisse, with Chavo tagging in only when he can land a few cheap shots. Havoc makes the hot tag and has to fight off the numbers game, getting about the same result as his teammates. Lots of sloppy clotheslines from him tonight.

Angelico makes the last hot tag to set up the finish. He cleans house and all three do stereo dives to the floor. Springboard flash kick to Castro followed by the diving foot stomp to pick up the win.


Winners: Ivelisse, Angelico & Son of Havoc

- Chavo is pissed off at his Crew after the match. Looks like they might come to blows, but Texano makes his return out of nowhere and starts beating down the goons with his rope wrapped around his fist. Chavo manages to escape and we get a staredown.

- Video package for Johnny Mundo, complaining about being in the first match of Ultimo Lucha and not being taken seriously as the star that he is. He says he has a claim to the Lucha Underground Championship, but there's a big dumb idiot standing in his way (Cage).

- Cortez Castro is licking his wounds backstage. Officer Joey Ryan antagonizing him, reminding us that Castro has been an undercover cop this entire time. Ryan's debut match is up next...

Joey Ryan vs. Cage

Ryan locks up with his sucker still in his mouth. Cage turns him inside-out with a shoulder tackle and just manhandles him, but gets a little over-excited and runs into a ring post, then a standing dropkick to the face. Joey is just toying with him, which is probably a huge mistake. Cage with an Orton-like snap powerslam, but he comes up empty on the second rope moonsault; superkick from Joey for two. Cage recovers and murders Ryan with a vertical suplex piledriver for the three.


Winner: Cage

- Johnny Mundo sneaks into the ring and Cage turns around into a spear. Mundo goes on the attack with rights and lefts, but Cage shakes off the assault and levels him with Weapon X. Crowd wasn't super into the stuff between these two, and cheered Joey over Cage throughout the match, but Cage came off looking strong after the whole segment.

- Rey Mysterio is here via video package to explain the mythology surrounding Dario Cueto. He tells a story about Dario coming to Mexico when he was young, and meeting with Azteca to find a way to find the seven descendants of the old gods. Apparently he became obsessed with the dark side of the legends, and may have even sacrificed his own son to the "old gods" to become more powerful. Which is why we have Matanza, who is trying to kill the seven tribes to reign supreme. Fast-forward to now, with Mystero training Dragon Azteca. He tells him not to go looking for revenge for his old mentor, but rather for something stronger: to unite the seven tribes and defeat the evil of Matanza and Dario Cueto. So there you go – now you have the backstory to Lucha Underground.

- Cage vs. Johnny Mundo will headline next week's episode.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon, Jr.


The crowd is split 50/50. Feeling out process early on, as the two alternate momentum with no clear winner. Vampiro complains about the cockiness of both men, as neither will hook the leg and just seem more intent on out-doing the other. Puma shows disrespect by shoving his face, and Pentagon nails him with a dropkick; Pentagon shows disrespect by taunting after a backbreaker, Puma takes him out.

After about 10 minutes both guys finally get into serious mode and start beating the hell out of each other. Puma goes for the 630 splash but runs into the knees for a very close two-count. Pentagon hits a package piledriver for a very close two-count. He locks in a surfboard stretch, and leans back on it; both guy's shoulders are down, but Puma gets his up before the three.

Winner: Prince Puma

- Pentagon thinks he had the match won and throws a fit, then superkicks the referee. Him and Puma go at it again, and it's Puma that ends up in control. He pins him down and threatens to break the arm, which puts Mil Muertes and Vampiro both on their feet. Puma opts to let him go, and stares down the champion as the show fades out.

- Our post-show video this week sees Sexy Starr running down a hallways scared for her life. Mack stops her and asks "who did this to you". She spits out "Moth" and Mack thinks it's Marty, but Sexy stops him and points over his shoulder saying "not him...her". His eyes go wide as he looks back, and the show goes off the air.