Michael Tarver Talks Beef With John Cena, If He Thinks Cena Intentionally Tried To Break His Arm

Wrestling Inc's Raj Giri recently spoke to former Nexus member Michael Tarver for an exclusive interview. During the interview, Giri asked Tarver about his public issues with John Cena stemming from several years ago. At the time, Tarver stated on Facebook that Cena fractured his arm with a chair during a pay-per-view and laughed about it backstage.


"We got along, but we didn't get along. I didn't take back what I said. It was true. The way I said it came off the wrong way and wrestling fans are not the most honest people in the world. They basically took it and ran with it and made it whatever they wanted to be, so it became 'Michael Tarver accuses John Cena of trying to hurt him.' I was going through a bad personal situation, went to social media, mentioned John Cena, but the whole thing was about my ex," Tarver said.

Tarver said that his issue with John Cena was more about him being reckless than the fact that he ended up getting hurt inside the ring.

"I wasn't accusing him of doing it on purpose, he was being reckless and took liberties, but he didn't pick up a chair to fracture my arm. It happened because he wasn't careful. Outside of that, it was business, we weren't great friends," said Tarver.


The former Nexus member also mentioned that he thinks John Cena saw something in him and may have felt threatened.

"I could tell he saw something in me, saw some talent," Tarver said. "Every time he came to FCW he'd pull me aside, and point that out to me. When the top dog sees something in you, it's either good for you or bad for you. He can either choose to work with you, or chop your legs from under you to keep you from taking his spot. Not to say I could or would ever take John Cena's spot. I definitely had something way more to offer than the wrestling fans got to see, because people in WWE knew it and confirmed it on a weekly basis. I'm happy with knowing that this man and Dusty Rhodes, bless his soul, knew. Who better to know?"

We'll have the full interview soon, here on WrestlingInc. You can also purchase Tarver's second album titled Sheep In Wolves Clothing. The Christian hip hop album is available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and CDbaby.com.