– Former WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso appeared on the latest edition of UpUpDownDown with Xavier Woods. You can check out the episodes both above and below, as the two play Street Fighter V.

– A user on Reddit posted highlights of a Paige Wizard World Q&A, where she talked about the term ‘Diva.’

“As much as before I came here I was like ‘I wanna change that,'” She said, “When you think about a WWE Diva, you think of us girls in WWE, not like the girls that are in the indies, the girls in TNA or in other different companies. So yeah, the word Diva means a lot to me. Just redesign the Diva belt, because that butterfly sucks.”

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– We mentioned earlier that Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks called out New Day. Omega actually wore a New Day Shirt during this morning’s Honor Rising show.