Paul Heyman On Brock Lesnar Facing Triple H At WrestleMania, Fastlane, Why He Dislikes Michael Cole

- As seen above, Michael Cole was expecting Brock Lesnar for this week's sitdown interview but got Paul Heyman instead. Below are highlights:

* Cole brings up how Dean Ambrose just won't go away and how he hit the low blow on Lesnar at RAW. Heyman says Lesnar is going to take Ambrose to Suplex City and F5 him at Fastlane, then stack Roman Reigns on top and defeat them to main event WrestleMania 32.

* Heyman says he failed Brock Lesnar last year at WrestleMania 31. Heyman says he should have anticipated Seth Rollins cashing in and he didn't, leading to Lesnar not winning the title. Heyman says he will never make that mistake again. Heyman says they know what they're walking into this Sunday, a Triple Threat, they know the variables, the equation and the outcome - Lesnar will win. Heyman is confident Lesnar will defeat WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H at WrestleMania.

* Cole asks what if Lesnar loses. Heyman isn't worried about ifs and knocks Cole's commentary. Cole asks what will Lesnar do if he loses. Heyman says he can't even conceive that happening. Heyman says Reigns and Ambrose don't stand a chance against Lesnar and if they do team up to take out Lesnar, it will be the end of their friendship because one of them will have to betray the other. Heyman says they can't go to WrestleMania together. Heyman says they will split Ambrose and Reigns, divide them, then Lesnar will take them out. Heyman also says Lesnar will expose Triple H as a trophy husband at WrestleMania.

* They wrap the interview and Cole asks why Heyman doesn't like him. Heyman says its personal, just an assessment of Cole's character as a man. Heyman adds that it's a little professional too, based on what he's heard of Cole's commentary.


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