Pentagon Jr Talks Possibly Joining The WWE, Perro Aguayo's Passing, His Violent Vampiro Feud, More

Pentagon Jr spoke to the Tag Rope Magazine recently to promote season 2 of Lucha Underground. You can check out some highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

On possibly going to the WWE:

"As far as the monster that is the WWE, I've never been approached or met anyone that's worked with them, but I won't rule out the opportunity if at any point Lucha Underground stopped existing and they become interested in me. I'm here to work and face anyone I can."

Perro Aguayo Jr's passing:

"It was a major, major loss for me because he was my father in many ways in the ring and he did so much for me in Mexico. I've made a promise to him and his memory to become the great great, luchador that I know he wanted me to be and to follow the mission that he had for me."

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His feud with Vampiro:

"Vampiro is someone that's definitely a marker in my career because meeting such a legend, a world legend really signifies where my career is. Vampiro has taught me a lot and guided me through the process a lot, but even with all that mentorship I still have deep, deep hate for him. I wanted to know who my master was and Vampiro was at the right place at the right time. I knew that deep down inside, knowing the specific monster he was not only the Lucha Underground world, but the lucha and wrestling world altogether, I knew if I wanted to become that same beast and have that same goal, I needed to face him."