Rey Mysterio On Kalisto's Potential In WWE, Lucha Underground Preview (Video), Watch The Show Online

- On tonight's all new episode of Lucha Underground at 8:00PM ET/PT on El Rey Network, for the first time ever in the Boyle Heights Temple, Prince Puma takes on Pentagon Jr. You can check out a clip from the match in the video above. Also on the show, Rey Mysterio Jr. reveals the Cueto family's hidden history.

- Speaking of Mysterio, Scott Fishman recently interviewed Mysterio for Channel Guide Mag, which you can read here. During the interview, Mysterio discussed joining Lucha Underground and making the transition from WWE. He also discussed Kalisto's recent success in WWE.

"I've always said there is not going to be another Rey Mysterio," Mysterio said. "It's just like you won't find another Shawn Michaels or Eddie Guerrero. There is always only one. Kalisto will eventually create his own fan base and become himself. He is already starting to do that and doing a great job. I think he is definitely the next one to eventually take over with that character and that gimmick with the mask.

"There is no need for jealously, for regrets. If anything, in my case, I'm very happy for him to get the chance to succeed and could eventually become world champion. I think that's the number one priority on the list. Right now he is United States champion and working against a good person to guide him. At one time it was me there, and Alberto Del Rio was just coming in. We just kind of pass the torch on to each other. Now he is doing it for him. That is how this industry works, especially among Latinos. There are very few, so we got to make sure we can stretch out that lending hand."

- If the El Rey Network is not available in your area, you can watch tonight's Lucha Underground live online at fuboTV, which allows fans to stream the El Rey Network and also watch their favorite clubs, players, and leagues online, with live sport games streaming to all their favorite devices. You can sign up for fuboTV by clicking here.


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