Roderick Strong On His One Hour Match With Daniel Bryan, Bryan's Success And Retirement, Concussions

Roderick Strong recently appeared on The Pancakes and Powerslams Show to discuss his feud with Daniel Bryan in Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro. They sent us these highlights:

Reliving his near-one hour match with Bryan in 2005 for ROH:


"That was one of the best things working with Bryan. He could paint a picture really well, and know the next one before he was even done with the first one. We kind of had a vision and it played out the way we wanted it to. I was just nervous. That's why you do it; to get those nerves, and to overcome them. That was the biggest feeling that I had, because I knew I was going for so long, and I knew I was in there with someone so good, I felt like I could keep up."

Was the match mapped out beforehand, or were spots called during the actual match?

"Me and Bryan always wrestled a lot on field, so that was what we did. That was why that was such a pinnacle part of my career; to be in those situations, and to be led through them to hopefully, one day, be able to do the same thing for somebody else."


Bryan's retirement due to concussions:

Obviously just doing what we do, it may be something as simple as locking up and bumping heads to give him a concussion. So, I think [him retiring] is good. I think financially it's the best place he could possibly be, I'm assuming, at this point. He'll do alright for himself.

Most memorable moment with Daniel Bryan:

"At the end of every match that I had in my feud with him, basically. And beating him for the FIP title was a big accomplishment, because I really don't think I beat him in Ring of Honor (laughs). Maybe once. I believe I did once."

What differentiated Bryan from other great ROH stars in getting a WWE opportunity?

"He just earned it. It was his time to go do what he needed to do."

Strong also discussed his departure from TNA, you can listen to the full interview here.