Ryback's Snarky Comment Regarding CM Punk's Injury

Ryback got a little dig in at CM Punk after it was revealed today that Punk's UFC debut would be delayed so that he could undergo back surgery. Ryback wrote on Twitter:

@CMPunk My bad it was an accident "I'm dumb as f&?#"


During Punk's now infamous interview on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast in 2014, Punk accused Ryback of being careless in the ring and said that Ryback had taken "20 years off of his life." He accused Ryback of injuring him several times, and once confronted him after Ryback press slammed Punk through a table but missed.

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"Either you're doing it on purpose and you suck or you're dumb as f–k, which is it?," Punk claimed to have asked Ryback. Punk then said that Ryback replied in a dejected tone, "I'm dumb as f*ck."