Sonjay Dutt Talks About Daniel Bryan's Retirement, GFW Roster, GFW Possibly Streaming Shows, More

Global Force Wrestling's Sonjay Dutt spoke to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast recently. You can see the full interview above in the video player, or highlights below:

What's next on the horizon for Global Force Wrestling


"I think the number one question is when are we going to see it on TV and that is the next step. What I've learned is trying to get 52 weeks of television content on a major cable network is not the easiest thing in the world or the quickest thing to do but that is the next step for Global Force and 2016 is just starting and this year we've made quite the leeway in those regards and I think that the further along we get here in this year, the more announcements we are going to be able to make and hopefully sooner then later we can get our content on television and really show wrestling fans how we are trying to be different and what type of program we are trying to present."

Has Global Force Wrestling considered going the streaming route with presenting their television:


"Initially we've discussed it and still those discussions are on the table. We've discussed all digital platforms. Technology and entertainment are ever evolving and some stuff that was around a year ago isn't around now and new stuff comes and goes and we are trying to figure out what the best route is to showcase Global Force whether it be on cable television or whether it be through a digital or a streaming service like a Netflix, and all of those options are absolutely 100% on the table."

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The "old school" style Stadium tours that Global Force presented last summer:

"I loved them. They are just so different from your regular arena setting and your regular arena shows and honestly on a nice summer day what is better than sitting in a ballpark watching pro wrestling. It's a cool atmosphere and a cool environment. We've got a lot of families and a lot of kids coming around and there is a nostalgia factor to it as well and at all of our ballpark shows we've had a legend of pro wrestling come and sign and it was a good time across the board."

The Global Force roster being one of the most underrated rosters in wrestling:


"I think that the name of the game of any start up pro wrestling company is getting the word out there and getting people to know you exist and then you can really showcase your talent which at the end of the day is THE number one thing that sells a pro wrestling company. What we are trying to do is show a different batch of guys out there that you might not know and that is what we were doing on our baseball shows. We would go to these towns and have your regular wrestlers and we would go to these towns to try and find that diamond in the rough and since Independent wrestling is (crazy) thriving throughout the country, just to find out those stars that are regional and nobody knows about and put them on a bigger stage."

Reaction to former opponent Daniel Bryan's retirement announcement:

"I think the number one thing coming from that and it should have hit every wrestler watching is if his brain is supposedly like that, then who knows how many other wrestlers are in that same situation. It's just that we just don't checked, we don't get it checked out and had the rigorous testing that he had. It was obviously sad that someone so talented and so young would be forced to retire. Who knows if me or the next guy who went through the same testing won't find the same thing in our brain. Which is scary to think."


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