Sunny Was Right, Another WWE Hall Of Fame Ring Featured On "Pawn Stars"

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was right. Tonight's episode of Pawn Stars on History featured the WWE Hall of Fame ring belonging to the late Paul Bearer. A friend of the family brought it in and $4,000 was offered but the man declined the offer.

Earlier today the cable guide description for tonight's show was changed to indicate Sunny's ring was still being featured but she was not appearing. It turns out her ring wasn't on the show at all. The segment with Bearer's ring had some some of strange edit as it came on, possibly indicating they had to change the show at the last minute.

As noted, official previews for the show stated that Sunny came into the store with the ring. The title of the episode was even based on Sunny. Once fans pointed this out to Sunny on Twitter, she went started lashing out at the official accounts for the show and History, saying they were false advertising her. It looks like her complaining led to some sort of edit in the show but how they came up with the idea of Sunny's ring still isn't clear. She has stated on Twitter that she's still in possession of the ring and never planned on selling it.

Raymo Nation contributed to this article.


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