TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Ethan Carter's Revenge, Grado's Return, Knockouts, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Ethan Carter III opens the show. He announces he has a rematch for the WHC championship on next week's episode in a steel cage bout. But right now his mind is on other things. He calls out Tyrus. Tyrus comes out and trash talks him. He says EC3 is weak. Things quickly descend into a brawl. Matt Hardy jumps in and the beat up EC3. EC3 gets a chair and Tyrus and Matt back off somewhat. Matt then gets the mic and challenges him to a tag match in the main event.


Eric Young and Bram are in the middle of the ring. Young says no one will take the KOTM belt. Beer Money appear and want a tag match. Young turns them down and says they've fought them already and won. Storm wants a match for the KOTM belt. Young accepts this one.

James Storm vs. Eric Young

It ended in count-out when the men fought well into the audience. Bram and Roode ended up getting involved too in the end and it turned into a mess.

Winner: Young by count out

Drew and Ethan Carter III talk backstage. Drew is willing to be his partner tonight but Carter says he'd rather take Tyrus and Matt on by himself.

Beer Money are fighting with Young and Bram backstage.

Mike Bennett and Mandrews

Bennett cut a promo before the match. He called Mandrews impressive but that he'd need a miracle to win. Mandrews was annoyed and told him to shut up. Ultimately, Bennett won with the MIP, but Mandrews looked somewhat credible for most of the match. Bennett continued to attack him afterwards but Galloway made the save.


Winner: Mike Bennett

The Decay cut a promo on the Wolves and say they will end them. Bennett attacks Galloway while he's trying to do an interview backstage.

Matt Hardy and Tyrus threaten Spud and warn him not to support EC3.

The Decay vs. The Wolves
Good match. The Wolves finished off Crazzy Steve with a double team finisher onto the tacks. Rosemary tried to interfere but Richards managed to use her own green mist against her. By the Richards and Edwards managed to get their belts back.

Winner: The Wolves

Spud wants to be EC3's tag partner. Once again, Ethan insists he's doing this himself.

The Dollhouse vs. Madison and Gail Kim
Madison and Gail won quickly. The Dollhouse rushed them after the match but Velvet made the save. She called them "The Doghouse" and said she, Gail and Madison would face off with them in a Lethal Lockdown match next week.

Winner: Madison and Gail Kim

Shera introduces Odarg the Great. Well, Grado. Shera says he's from India. Hmmm.

Young and Bram are still brawling with Beer Money. I hope this brawl is still going on this time next week.

Eli/Jessie Godderz vs. Shera/Odarg

Shera and Grado, um, sorry, Odarg won. Odarg got breiefly unmasked but was able to put his disguise back on underneath the ring. The story is now that Drake and Godderz are desperate to expose his real identity to the world.


Winner: Shera and Odarg

Eli and Godderz are backstage. Eli is massively annoyed. They vow revenge on next week's show.

Matt Hardy/Tyrus vs. EC3

Things were looking bad for Carter, who was determined to fight them alone, when Spud showed up after the commercial to save the day. Thanks to his friend's help, Carter was able to hit the one percenter on Hardy for the victory.

Winner: EC3 and Rockstar Spud