Top Indy Talent Talks About Meeting Triple H, Not Needing A WrestleMania Moment, Best Talent, More

Top indy talent Zack Sabre Jr. recently spoke to Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard for an interview. You can check out a few highlights below:

Meeting Triple H:

"He's huge. I felt like a child in comparison, but he was very approachable, very friendly, and it's so inspiring how much he loves the business. For someone who has had such a long and decorated career, and he's coming down to an indie Evolve show in Orlando the night before the Royal Rumble?where he obviously had such an important night ahead of him?and he was there talking to everyone. When someone like that, who is at the top of the business with so many responsibilities, comes down with that type of attitude, it sets such a great example. I introduced myself and spoke briefly to him. I'm good friends with [WWE talent scout/NXT trainer] Robbie Brookside, so I had a good catch-up chat with him, and I also met [William] Regal for the first time."


Not needing a WrestleMania moment for success:

"I don't have to be stubborn and say, 'I'll never go to WWE,' but I certainly don't have to main event WrestleMania to feel like I've been successful. I have to wrestle to the level that I want to wrestle, and that's continuously on an upward slope. I enjoyed watching WWF as a kid, but once I begun training with wrestling, I just wanted to take small steps. At first I wanted to get on the trainee shows, and then I wanted to get into the main shows and wrestle all over in England. Then there was a really good buzz in Germany, and I really wanted to wrestle in Germany, so I had to get better to get invited to Germany. Then I was wrestling all over Europe, and I wanted to some indie stuff in the States, so I did that. But in the back of my mind it was always Japan."


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Best talent in wrestling today:

"I'm one-hundred percent biased, but it's Finn Balor. I met him when I was fourteen, and he's just been a continuous inspiration for me both in and out of the ring. He's like a big brother to me, and such a huge influence on how to conduct yourself. If you talk about training, the guy never has a day off and puts so much effort into every small detail. He hasn't changed in the fourteen years I've known him. He's the same humble person who is always having fun, and he always has such a positive attitude. He's another person who just loves wrestling so much. I met him in our gym in Sittingbourne, which is like the middle of nowhere in southern England, and there we were [Royal Rumble weekend], sitting in Orlando, Fla., drinking a cup of coffee saying, 'This is ridiculous. What are we doing with our lives?' That kind of attitude is really important."

Source: Sports Illustrated