Total Divas: Alicia's Relationship Woes, Nikki's New Career, Eva Marie, More

We open to the news that Alicia is ridiculously happy with her new boyfriend, Darryl. He is wooing her, complimenting her and sending her flowers every day. He seems nice. But Rosa thinks he's too perfect. (Well, his name is "Darryl" so it's not like he's totally lacking in flaws.) Rosa encourages Alicia to do a background check on him.


Shocker: It turns out that Darryl lied. He's 50, not 45 like he said. He was a little embarrassed about telling Alicia his actual age. Um, is that really a big deal? It's only a few years.

Regardless, Alicia is so horrified by this revelation she rips off her mic after confronting him and storms out of his house. Even the camera crew seems shocked.

Throw in Rosa encouraging Paige to set up "A Cheating Test" for Kevin last season?which greatly angered him and very nearly broke them up?and I don't think talking to Rosa is very good for anyone's relationship.

I like to think her character on this show is meant to be a meddlesome shrew who toys with the personal lives of others for her own amusement, like those evil lady villains in all the soap operas.


Later, Alicia announces she's decided to stay with Darryl and give him another chance. Rosa's eyes narrow as she realizes she's going to have to come up with something else to doom her friend's fledgling romance.

In the other main plot of the show: Nikki wants to do public and motivational speaking. Nikki seems to embark on a new career every week. Brie isn't keen on the idea. She says Nikki is not articulate or well-spoken enough to pull it off. Momma Bella?who has perhaps found the fountain of youth because, I swear, she looks about 38 and certainly not old enough to have two grown up daughters?chews Brie out for being cold and judgmental and a bad sister. Brie seems to feel guilty and does a turn around on the matter.

Thanks to this, and some wise, kind words from Cena?um, shouldn't he be the motivational speaker? Literally, every week he is solving Nikki's problems?Nikki is able to get up on stage and give her speech. I blanked out for a while but I think the main jist was never giving up on your dreams and being true to yourself and what not.

Meanwhile, Mandy and Eva Marie go out to dinner. Eva has taken her under her wing, knowing how tough it is to be new and nervous and starting in WWE. Then Mandy bluntly and rudely asks Eva: "Why does everyone hate you?" Unsurprisingly, Eva looks deeply upset at the reminder she's a social pariah.


Talk about an awkward question. Personally, if I were Mandy, I'd have just to stuck to giving polite compliments about the food and asking Eva if she's seen Making a Murderer yet. I hope Mandy at least agreed to pick up the bill.

Anyway, Mandy apologizes to Eva for going behind her back and trying to get information about her from the other girls. They make up and have a cuddle. It's nice that Eva has a friend now. Her great hair and superior fashion sense will only get her so far in life.

In other news: There's perhaps trouble on the horizon for Paige and Kevin. Paige admits to her friends that things are stagnant between them right now and she doesn't think the relationship is going to last.

Once again Paige is talking to everyone in the world?including a national television audience?about her problems with Kevin, except, you know, Kevin.

We also discover Cesaro received Tyson's new action figure even before Nattie did. Cesaro is thrilled. Are we quite sure this season isn't going to end with them eloping? Their passionate love affair has perhaps become the most engrossing story of this show. Oh, well. At least if the worst comes to the worst, Nattie will still have her cats.

On next week's show: Nikki announces her intention to join NASA and become an astronaut. Brie is skeptical, but Cena vows to support his girlfriend and re-assures her she can do whatever she sets her mind to, including going to the moon.