Vince Russo On The Clash That Led To Shane McMahon Leaving WWE, Shane's Attitude Vs. Stephanie's

Shane McMahon made a shocking return to the WWE on last night's episode of Raw, and made waves in the wrestling world. Wrestling Inc Podcast co-host Vince Russo worked alongside Shane McMahon for years, and voiced his joy over the return on the show last night.


"It was very personal for me. I was thrilled to see him back in that ring. I had a different relationship with Shane than the other McMahons. At Titan Tower, the big shots were on the fourth floor, the magazine department was on the second floor, and at that time, Shane was getting social media started and he was on the second floor, so I had a lot more interaction with Shane than Vince," Russo said.

Russo recalled floating the idea of Shane being a character in the 90s, and being blown away at how good he was. He also said that Shane McMahon was much more welcoming than Stephanie.

"I pitched that Shane needs to be a character. I remember him going out and delivering a promo and sitting in the back saying he's better than his old man.When I almost went back in 2002, there was no doubt in my mind Shane McMahon wanted me back and Stephanie McMahon didn't because I would be a threat to her power. I have a warm spot in my heart for Shane, I don't think there could be anyone else I'd be more happy to see," Russo said.


Shane McMahon was well liked in the locker room, according to Russo. He said that Shane and Vince were polar opposites with the talent.

"Shane had a great relationship with the talent. When Vince walks around Titan Tower, he wants people to fear him. He gets off on that. Shane was never that guy. It was never a power trip, and ego. You'd never know he was the boss' kid. He was more of one of the boys than the boss' son. The things that were important to Vince– money, power ego, were not important to Shane McMahon," Russo said.

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When asked about any clashes that Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon had previously, Russo said he was told of the situation that led to Shane's exit from the WWE.

"I know the final showdown was a clash. Vince brought a couple of guys in his office, and told them that Shane was no longer with the company, and Shane was ready to be in charge, and even though it was his son, he wasn't ready to step down and that's the reason (Shane) stepped down. I'm watching this tonight, and everything that they're saying in the ring is real. What is really going on behind the scenes?" Russo said.


Russo also said that it was easy to tell that Stephanie McMahon was Vince's daughter, and that Shane McMahon was Linda's son because of the differences in attitude.

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