WWE Fastlane: Cutting Edge Peep Show With The New Day

The following is from our WWE Fastlane live coverage. Full WWE Fastlane results are here.

We go to the ring and WWE Hall of Famer Edge's music hits. He comes from one side of the stage as Christian appears from the other. They stop as the pyro goes off. Tony Chimel does their introductions and does "Rated R Superstar" like only he can. The ring is set up for a special episode of The Cutting Edge Peep Show.


The former WWE Tag Team Champions plug their new WWE Network show that debuts later tonight. Christian says the show is really funny. Edge wants to get serious for a moment, and makes a Lance Storm mention. He says it's good to be back home in front of the fans in a WWE ring. Christian talks about some history in Cleveland but he's interrupted by WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day.

Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston talk as they enter the ring and meet Edge and Christian in the middle. The two sides go back and forth on the mic but the Network is having a lot of issues. The New Day talk about being the best. They're interrupted by The League of Nations – King Barrett, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Rusev. Woods says they would love to fight The League but it's their day of rest. The New Day leaves. Barrett threatens Edge and Christian with a Bullhammer. Sheamus also threatens them. Del Rio gets in Edge's face and takes credit for forcing Edge to retire. Edge and Christian leave the ring and walk to the back, stopping in front of The New Day. Edge says they were going to do a 5 Second Pose but that's on The League now. He introduces them as The International House of Dumbasses. The New Day dances around and plays Francesca 2 while Edge and Christian plug their show, all of this being done to taunt The League as they look on from the ring. Not much to this segment We go to break.