WWE Hall OF Famer Jim Ross Gives His Super Bowl 50 Pick

Super Bowl 50 is upon us, and if you've checked out the Wrestling Inc Podcast lately, you know we love our football. We're not the only one, as longtime Denver Broncos fan and Wrestling Inc founder Raj Giri (who is actually at today's big game) spoke to WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross about his Super Bowl 50 pick.


The Denver Broncos come into the game with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, but the aging Peyton Manning may be ready to hang them up after this game. Fortunately, Denver has some of the best defense in the NFL, but is it enough to overcome Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers?

"Like many, I think Carolina has a hotter team, and the hottest player at Quarterback. Everybody's betting money on Carolina," Ross said "I'd probably play Denver and take the points, and play for the upset and hope that Peyton Manning wins and retires, and that so many stop naming their male and female children Peyton. I'm going to take the underdogs in the Denver Broncos, even though I think Carolina will win the game."


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Ross also previewed his upcoming Ringside with Jim Ross shows for WrestleMania weekend, telling fans what they could expect.

"Uproarious hilarity, intriguing dialogue, life-changing experiences, tears, sobbing, writhing on the floor in agony and ecstasy. Hopefully a lot of fun. My guest and I will tell some stories, we'll get into the uncensored and unfiltered Q&As. We'll have a host working the room with a wireless mic. My guest and I will do our best to entertainingly and honestly answer the questions. It should be a lot of fun. The most fun part of the shows I do is the Q&As. We're going to bat around a couple of stories and have some fun there," said Ross.

You can see an audio preview in the video player above,