WWE NXT Live Event Results From Largo (2/26): Revival Steals A Win, Bayley, Biff Busick Promo, More

Thanks to Tara and Tom Gibson for the following WWE NXT live event results from tonight's show in Largo, Florida:

From Tom Gibson:

* Mojo Rawley beat Alexander Wolfe. A fairly short match but pretty good, Rawley eventualy getting the pinfall

* Emma beat Aliyah by submission. A pretty even match until Emma gained control and beat Aliyah with the Emma lock

* Levis Valenzuela beat Alex Riley. Another even match with some hard hits from Riley and Valenzuela's dancing theme cotinued

* Vaudevillains beat Patrick Clark and Kenneth Crawford. This match was more one-sided with the Vaudevillains quickly in control and winning with a pinfall

* Sami Zayn beat Manny Andrade. Spectacular match and the crowd totally into the action. Mix of high impact and technical wrestling with Zayn eventually winning by pinfall after chances to finish for both wrestlers.

* Apollo Crews beat Angelo Dawkins. Long and fairly even match. The headband theme returned and lots of trash talking from Dawkins.

* Chris Girard then entered the ring for a promo, making much of his wrestling experience and insults the less experienced wrestlers. Gave props to the Revival

* Bayley beat Nia Jax in a championship match. Both women hadtheir moments before Bayley got the roll-up.

* The Revival beat American Alpha in a championship match. Both teams played their roles well with Wilder and Dawson cheating consistently to finally get the pinfall on Gable.

From Tara:

* Mojo Rawley defeated Alexander Wolfe. Mojo had last weekend off and was truly hyped, fans too

* Levis Valenzuela defeated Alex Riley in a decent match, surprised to see Riley take the fall against Levis

* Emma defeated Aliyah by submission. Aliyah continues to be strong but it feels like they're holding back on her true potential

* Sami Zayn defeated Manny Andrade (La Sombra) in the match of the night, better than their first meeting a few weeks ago in Tampa. Great chemistry between these two, Sami won with the Helluva Kick

* Christopher Girard cut a promo in the ring. The former Biff Busick said he's coming for the NXT Title and is the best NXT has to offer

* Apollo Crews defeated Angelo Dawkins in a solid match. There was some brief comedy between the two and it was good to see Crews show more personality

* NXT Women's Champion Bayley defeated Nia Jax to retain. Another good story told here, their matches may not be very fast paced but they are fun to watch

* NXT Tag Team Champions "The Revival" Dash and Dawson defeated "American Alpha" Chad Gable and Jason Jordan to retain by stealing the win. This was a really good match with a hot crowd the whole time. After the match, a bunch of wrestlers stopped Dash and Dawson from leaving and threw them back into the ring. The locker room surrounded the ring and rallied while The Revival got up and stared American Alpha down for a really cool moment. They brawled and ended with Gable and Jordan applying ankle locks. They then celebrated to end the show


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