Another Big Surprise On WWE RAW Tonight? (Updated)

Reddit user Falcon Arrow once again teased a surprise for tonight's RAW. Falcon Arrow has leaked some scoops in the past, and teased a big surprise on RAW a couple of weeks ago, which ended up being Shane McMahon's return. The user noted that the surprise would be "a bit more generic" than Shane's surprise WWE return.

My guess is Sami Zayn, who used to wrestle as "El Generico," but we shall see.

Below is Falcon Arrow's post on Reddit:

You'll probably want to tune in.

Admittedly a bit more generic than the Shane surprise. Something tells me you will still enjoy it though.

Update 7:08 PM ET: Dave Meltzer also reported on that there is a big surprise planned for RAW tonight, and that the rumor is that it is Sami Zayn. He added that the surprise is scheduled for the start of the show.

Andre Vanadero contributed to this article.


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