Another Report For Last Night's WWE Live Event In Minneapolis: Ryback Works As A Heel, AJ Styles

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Scott Nielsen for sending in these results for last night's WWE live event in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Eden Stiles and Greg Hamilton were the announcers

* AJ Styles defeated The Miz with the flying forearm in a really good opening match. There were a lot of AJ Styles chants during the match


* Jack Swagger & Darren Young defeated Curtis Axel & Adam Rose. Swagger made Rose tap out to win, nothing you wouldn't see on Main Event or Superstars here. Curtis got a brief chant in his home town.

* Ryback defeated Neville. Ryback worked as a heel here, won with the Shell Shock and left right after.

* WWE Tag Team Championship: Big E & Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods) defeated The Usos. Kofi Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise on one of the Usos to win the match after a Xavier Woods distraction. The New Day cut a promo before the match saying how bad Minnesota is and yet the people are still positive

* WWE Intercontinental championship: Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens via DQ. Owens got disqualified after he wouldn't stop kicking Ambrose in the corner and went to attack Ambrose after, but Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds.



* WWE Divas Championship: Becky Lynch vs Charlotte went to a no contest. The ref threw the X sign up when Charlotte appeared to have suffered a broken nose early in the match and was bleeding.

* WWE United States Championship: Kalisto def Sheamus. Kalisto won with his finisher. Solid match here, Sheamus dominated most of the match and Kalisto came back to win the match.

* Street Fight: Kane defeated Bray Wyatt. It was not the craziest street fight ever. A kendo stick was used, a chair was used when Wyatt hit a DDT on Kane on the chair. Both men kicked out of each other's finisher and Kane chokeslammed Wyatt through a table to win. Kane thanked the audience to end the show.

Crowd was pretty into most of the show, they did not announce the next time WWE is coming back to Minneapolis