Batista Movie Gets Theatrical Release, WWE Fans On Dean Ambrose's Weapons, WWE SmackDown Top 10

- Above are the top 10 moments from last night's WWE SmackDown.

- The "Kickboxer: Vengeance" movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Batista, Georges St-Pierre and Gina Carano will be getting a theatrical release in the United States. The remake of the 1989 movie was originally scheduled to be a straight-to-DVD release, thanks to a deal with distributor RLJ Entertainment. No word yet on when the movie will hit theaters but it should be some time this year.


- WWE has a poll asking fans which foreign object will help Dean Ambrose the most against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 in their No Holds Barred Street Fight – crowbar, Mick Foley's barbed wire bat, kendo stick, steel steps, steel chair, table or ladder. 77% went with the bat while 9% voted for the crowbar and 5% voted for the steel chair.