Bret Hart's Sons On Bret's Condition, HBK & Razor Ramon Memories, New Project, Rock - Kliq, Vince

Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri recently spoke with Bret 'Hitman' Hart's sons, Blade and Dallas. In addition to talking about their family's new business venture, Sharpshooter Funding, the Harts discussed their father's condition following his bout with prostate cancer; Blade and Dallas also shared their recollections of The Rock, The Kliq, and Vince McMahon.


With respect to Bret's recovery from prostate cancer surgery, Blade and Dallas reported that Bret is doing very well and the family has been surprised by the outpouring of support.

"He's doing really good. He was only in the hospital a few days, which is good news. Nothing spread, so everyone's feeling good and he's cruising around the house." Blade continued, "a lot of messages from friends, family, fans all over the world. It's pretty crazy how much support he got. Understandably, he's a big name, but we forget about how big he actually is."

Dallas added, "it seems like he has this superhuman ability to overcome these things. He did it with the stroke and he's doing it again with prostate cancer."


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On the subject of The Rock, Blade and Dallas acknowledged that Bret was one of the few people that stood up for 'The Great One' when he was starting out in WWE. Dallas indicated that "the Kliq tried to push him out."

"My dad [has] told me some stories," Blade said. "They were telling The Rock he couldn't do an elbow off the top because that's Shawn's move, and my dad ended up telling The Rock that was nobody's move. Anybody could do any move they want. Funny how the tables have turned."

With that said, Blade and Dallas have fond memories of growing up around Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall, also known as Razor Ramon.

Blade admitted, "Shawn was always good to me. I was a big Shawn fan when I was younger, believe it or not. I'd walk around with the heart glasses. He'd play around with me in the back." Dallas added, "Razor and Shawn came to our house with water guns full of milk and hosed us all down with Super Soakers. We had a Super Soaker fight with milk in it. They were always nice to us. I ran into Shawn at WrestleMania and Razor Ramon, X-Pac. They were all really nice and remembered us."

As for early memories of McMahon, Blade recalled him being very nice when Blade was a youngster.


"It goes back to [the documentary film] Wrestling With Shadows, where I have that little clip with Vince and he tells me I'm going to be taller than my dad. Everyone was really good to us when we were kids. WrestleMania in Phoenix, I was with my dad and we went into Vince's office and he was a nice, normal guy and was super calm with us. You can tell he's in a different power position back there. He's a genius, you gotta give him that."

According to Dallas, four people are involved in Sharpshooter Funding at the moment: Dallas, Blade, Shay Cassidy, and Paul Pitcher. The company provides business loans and alternative lending solutions. Presently, Sharpshooter Funding is targeting businesses that have been operating for at least 12 months with daily or weekly debits and consistent revenue.

"Paul's the one who brought us on and has the sister company in the U.S., First Down Funding. They have all the NFL players as the spokesmen, and it [has] done really well. We just touched down in Canada a few months ago and it [has] done well so far."

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