D-Von Dudley Tells Story From APA Match, Talks WrestleMania Season Excitement, The Dudley Boyz

- The Press of Atlantic City has a really good interview up with D-Von Dudley to promote Saturday's WWE live event in Atlantic City, NJ. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:


An embarrassing story from a match against The APA in Atlantic City years ago:

"I was quite embarrassed. I don't know if I can tell this story because it's kind of like giving the business away. Bubba was coming to give the tag and I ran in and I didn't know this was it. I'm trying to hide behind the referee and Ron Simmons (Farooq) is trying to hit me and I put (referee (Earl Hebner) in front of me and Ron just stopped and said 'Dammit, D-Von, this is the hot tag.' I went, 'Oh (shoot).'" [Laughs] I threw Earl out of the way and Ron just committed to kicking my ass. I just went, 'Uh oh.' That man beat me from post to post. We get in the back and Bradshaw goes: 'You know, Devin?' I said: It's D-Von.' He goes: 'That's what I said – Devin? You know, they had two sold out WrestleManias here in history and you killed it in one night.'"


What the locker room excitement is like during WrestleMania season:

"Well you know, you worked all your life to, No. 1, get to the WWE. Then once you're there you're working to get to WrestleMania, whether you're the opening match of WrestleMania, main event, the mid card. Just to say you were at WrestleMania and on that card to help contribute is just over the top. Everybody is fighting for a position to be at WrestleMania. And of course, everything starts from January-on. I think really it starts from Survivor Series-on. The thing is, it starts from January after the Rumble and that's when you start gearing up and getting ready. Guys are dieting and even I'm dieting and trying to lose at least 20 or 30 pounds so whoever my opponent might be not only do I want to kick their behinds but I want to kick their behinds while looking good. And even if I get my butt kicked I still wanna look good.

"It's just one of those things where the excitement is in the air. WrestleMania, the feeling, Axxess, meeting all the fans, interacting, all the cool things the WWE has going on during WrestleMania weekend just to build up to that big event, the granddaddy of them all. Bubba and I have been at numerous WrestleMania's starting from WrestleMania XV all the way to XX. So we were in five WrestleMania's and I can't begin to tell you the excitement of when we were in it. To be honest with you, we stole the show two years in a row with the legendary TLC matches with Edge, Christian and the Hardy Boyz. To be able to do that at WrestleMania. I'm going to tell you right now. With all the people on that card – Undertaker, the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Rikishi, Chris Jericho, Steven Regal, Lance Storm. The list goes on and on of all the major superstars that were on that card. For us to win Match of the Year amongst those guys. My God you cannot get any better than that. For people to say we were Match of the Year two years in a row, my God. The TLC match helped put us on the map and we will be eternally grateful for it and that's why every year it comes by it means something even more for me and Bubba. Because now not only are we returning after 10 years from being gone from the WWE we have the opportunity to shine once more at WrestleMania."


Who The Dudley Boyz are feuding with now and what they've accomplished:

"Oh we're feuding with everybody now, not just the Wyatt Family. We're going to feud with everybody. We're going to feud with The Wyatt Family, The New Day, The Usos, Lucha Dragons. We're feuding with everybody. We want those tag team titles. We're going to make it No. 10. We've already been considered the baddest and best tag team in the history of this business. We have accomplished more than any of the tag teams that have come before us and that is here now in the present day. Not taking anything away from legendary teams like LOD: Road Warriors, the Rock n Roll Express, the Midnight Express, Tully (Blanchard) and Arn (Anderson), the list goes on and on. The British Bulldogs, the Hart Foundation. Not taking away anything from them but the Dudley Boyz, without a doubt, have accomplished more than any other tag team, and that's just because we're students of the game. We sat there and learned from the people before us. As far as we're concerned, and don't get me wrong when I say this, LOD will always be No. 1 to us for the fact we looked up to them, worshiped the ground they walked on and wanted to be just like them. You can't outdo your hero. Let's put them aside, make them No. 1 and then it would be a hard No. 2 and no other tag team has ever accomplished more than what we have. We took it over where the Road Warriors left off and I'm sure there will be other tag teams that will come out there and do exactly what we are trying to do."


Check out the full interview with D-Von at this link.

Source: Press of Atlantic City