Dolph Ziggler On Getting A Win Back (Video), WWE Runs SmackDown Twitter Poll, Triple H On WWE NXT

- This Fallout video from last night's WWE SmackDown features Dolph Ziggler talking to JoJo about getting a win back over The Miz. Ziggler says he usually likes to take the time to prove he's the best but he saw an opening and put Miz away quickly. Ziggler says Miz got lucky on RAW but he's not about luck, he's about killing it.


- WWE issued an interesting Twitter poll after last night's SmackDown, asking fans if they enjoyed the show. Fans usually complain about the WWE website polls being rigged but this isn't something WWE could control as easy. As of this writing, there are 8,045 votes and 56% voted yes. You can see the poll below:

- Triple H will be announcing more WWE NXT live events on Monday. He tweeted the following today about the upcoming live event in Kingston, Rhode Island: