Ivelisse Talks WWE Divas Revolution, King Cuerno On Tonight's Match, Watch Lucha Underground Online

- In the video above, King Cuerno talks defending his title as the Gift of the Gods Champion against Fenix in a Ladder Match on tonight's episode of Lucha Underground.

- Just a reminder that if the El Rey Network is not available in your area, you can watch it live online at fuboTV, which allows fans to stream the El Rey Network and also watch their favorite clubs, players, and leagues online, with live sport games streaming to all their favorite devices. You can sign up for fuboTV by clicking here.

- The Huffington Post recently interviewed Ivelisse Vélez, who talked about Lucha Underground and the company featuring inter-gender matches. She talked about there being more of an emphasis on wrestling for women, and cited WWE's Divas Revolution as proof.

"It has to do with the fact WWE was the main wrestling entity, and that's what they wanted to sell [looks over wrestling]," Ivelisse said. "Anyone else who had a different agenda pretty much got short-handed. Now it's out there; there's a higher demand for that type of performer. They sort of have no choice but to roll with the punches and finally give people what they want to see."


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