John Morrison On Finding Out About Shane McMahon's WWE Departure, Shane Vs. Taker, Stephanie McMahon

Wrestling Inc. Founder and President Raj Giri recently caught up with Lucha Underground's Johnny Mundo to talk about Lucha Underground, Rey Mysterio joining the promotion, Lucha Underground running live events and more. They also discussed Shane McMahon's return to WWE programming. The former John Morrison talked about what it was like to work with Shane in WWE and his thoughts on Shane's blockbuster WrestleMania 32 match against The Undertaker. Also, Mundo compared the personalities of Shane and his sister, Stephanie McMahon.

When asked how he was informed of Shane's departure from WWE, Mundo suggested that Shane leaving was not treated as a big deal by the company.

"He just left and then a few days later somebody said 'Shane left.' (laughs) It wasn't a huge deal. He was never a huge part of the show where he was on every episode of [WWE Monday Night] RAW. I like him as a person, and I think he's got a good energy. He obviously never had to wrestle, but he wanted to because he was a fan of the business, and I respect that."

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Mundo stated that he would have been upset by Shane's high profile WrestleMania 32 bout with The Undertaker if he was still with WWE.

"I think it's cool to have Shane back, and a little weird that he's going to wrestle Undertaker at WrestleMania (laughs). If I was a part of the roster, I'd be a little upset about that."

According to Mundo, the main difference between Shane and Stephanie is that Shane is more laid back than his sister.

"Aside from the boobs, both had great minds for the business. I enjoyed working with both of them, but Stephanie is probably more of a type A personality and started wrapping her head around the business side of the company and the creative side of the company and really improved herself from when she appeared on camera as a character until now. Shane's the same way, except he seemed like he was more about the fun."

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