Kalisto On Being Called Rey Mysterio's Successor, If He Plans To Continue Teaming With Sin Cara, ADR

Planeta Wrestling and Mundo Deportivo recently interviewed WWE U.S. Champion Kalisto, which you can watch above. We recently posted highlights from the interview at this link, where Kalisto talked about The Undertaker, his most important match in WWE, WrestleMania and more. Since the interview is in Spanish we've received several requests to post the rest of the highlights from it, which is below:


Alberto del Rio said that he wants to help you as much as possible, because Rey Mysterio did so when he started in WWE. Is he really helping you? Who is you best supporter in the locker room?

"First of all, we are enemies. He is a gladiator and a very good teacher. He is also a good guy outside the ring, but we are enemies. Rey Mysterio helped him a lot and he is really helping me and I appreciate it. But also Sin Cara was the one helping me down there in NXT and that's why we created the Lucha Dragons and we are still the Lucha Dragons, because he helps me a lot either in the ring or out of the ring. I really thank all of them. There will never be another Rey Mysterio, there will never be another Alberto del Rio and there will never be another Sin Cara."


Are we going to see The Lucha Dragons as the powerful team that you two were before Sin Cara's injury or would you like to continue running individually?

"We are still together. The New Day is also wrestling on one on one matches from time to time and it's OK for them. I think we are going to do the same, but my dream would be become WWE Tag Team Champion with Sin Cara and, at the same time, been the US Champion."

People are talking about you as Rey Mysterio's successor. How do you feel about it?

"I have so much respect for him, but we are different. We both have our own styles. I admire everything he accomplished, specially his rivalry with Eddie Guerrero. There will never be another Eddie Guerrero and that makes it even more special, and there will never be another Rey Mysterio as I said before. We have different set of movements and they are beautiful all of them."