Kalisto Responds To Ryback's WrestleMania Challenge; Talks WWE US Title, Alberto Del Rio, More

As seen above, this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole features WWE United States Champion Kalisto. Below are highlights:

* Kalisto accepts Ryback's challenge for WrestleMania 32 and will put the title on the line. Kalisto says it will be honor to face Ryback at WrestleMania for the title


* Cole asks about Ryback's "bigger is better in sports entertainment" claim. Kalisto says it's a new world and Ryback is living in the past for believing that. Kalisto says Ryback is judging him but he's delusional. Kalisto says he's more than ready

* Kalisto says Ryback thinks what he does is a game. Kalisto says lucha means to fight for your dreams and your goals, it's his whole life. Kalisto says the United States Title isn't just a title, he believes it's a symbol of hope and opportunity

* Cole asks about the recent Salida del Sol from the ladder and Kalisto says he just knew it was the right moment. He does whatever it takes and takes opportunities when he sees them. He says the people were amazed when he did it, and that's what gives him motivation to be on top. Cole also asks about the recent series of matches against Alberto Del Rio. Kalisto admits they changed him, not just mentally but physically. They made him believe more in himself. He says having John Cena's support was very surreal. Kalisto calls Del Rio a warrior and a gladiator. Kalisto says Del Rio taught him so much in the ring and he respects Del Rio


* Kalisto says he's going to stay United States Champion because he's learned so much and he's always developing ways to be smarter in the ring. Cole asks if he's ready for the huge WrestleMania crowd. Kalisto says it's so surreal but he's more than ready