Lucha Underground Close To Deal With Netflix?

Lucha Underground has seen promising numbers for season two, regularly reaching over 100,000 viewers on their two Wednesday broadcasts. However, there's been a major push to get the show more clearance.


According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lucha Underground is close to a deal with Netflix.

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It's said that as it stands, that Netflix would only get the first season, but the deal with iTunes would still contain the second season. This is usually the case, as television shows don't usually hit Netflix until well after the season ends.

We spoke to Lucha Underground Executive Producer Chris DeJoseph recently, who confirmed to us that Eric Van Wagenen had been in talks with Netflix about a partnership.

El Rey is still only available in 40 million homes, much less than other major wrestling shows. Lucha Underground was available on demand for a while before they finally got on Itunes last month


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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