Matt Striker Talks Being In WWE's ECW, What Makes Vince McMahon Mad, Possibly Wrestling For Lucha UG

Lucha Underground's Matt Striker recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. You can see highlights below, and the full Q&A at this link.

His time in WWE's ECW:

"I think it's akin to the environment here at LU, because there are a lot of hungry guys here that are wanting to show people what they can do. There's something about being hungry that really benefits any art or sport, and that's what we're doing, what NXT is doing, and what we did back then."

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If he'll wrestle for Lucha Undeground:

"A chance, or a desire? What happened with Vamp was because someone pushed his buttons. For me, I'm a pretty relaxed guy. Would I punch someone? Sure, by for me the desire to get in the ring and run off the ropes and fall down for 12 minutes isn't there."

Best stories about Vince McMahon:

"I like the ones where I get him out of his element, so to speak, where it's just him. There's one when we were standing on the ramp one day and he told me it made him angry when I smiled at him, so I always smile on TV..."