Holly Holm had a multi-million dollar fight just waiting on her if she chose to sit out for about a year. That's not what Holly Holm wanted, she wanted to fight.

Holm, a fighting champion, was unwilling to wait a year after defeating Ronda Rousey in November. Her reward? Perennial title challenger Miesha Tate, who since losing the title to Rousey, has never been the Belle of the Ball.

Tate fought much differently than Rousey, and was incredibly cautious on the feet. Tate kept her distance, utilized good, fundamental footwork, but was still getting picked apart by the champion in round 1. Round two was a different story, as Miesha Tate took down Holm and almost choked out the champion. Holm barely escaped several rear naked choke attempts. Tate very well may have taken the round at 10-8.

Round three saw Holm much more cautious, stuffing two takedown attempts from Tate on her way to taking the round. Tate worked hard to get a clinch in round 4, but Holm disengaged, stuffed several takedowns and proceeded to kick Tate in the neck.

Round five was a different story. Miesha Tate latched onto Holm and took her back, applying another rear-naked choke. This time, Holm went out cold, and Tate became UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion.

After the fight, Holm said that she knew it was do or die. She said that a lot of people would have tapped out. She went out like a champion. I have so much respect for this woman.

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