NJPW On AXS Report (3/18): Battle Of The Super Juniors, KUSHIDA, Jushin Thunder Liger, Gedo, Dorada

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of NJPW on AXS. This episode features matches from the 2015 Best of the Super Juniors tourney.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs Yohei Komatsu

This match goes much longer than expected, with Jushin Thunder Liger in control for the majority of the match. The Young Lion Komatsu jumps Liger at the beginning of the match and lands a nice somersault senton to a standing Liger. Jushin Thunder Liger ends up getting the victory following a brainbuster.


Winner: Jushin Thunder Liger via pinfall (brainbuster)

Crazy to see Liger still in action after all these years.

KUSHIDA vs. Mascara Dorada

This match was a clash of styles, with KUSHIDA's mat wrestling combating Dorada's high flying style. Dorada hits a couple of sentons, and the action ends up spilling to the outside several times during the match. KUSHIDA ends up working over Dorada's arm to set up for the Double Wristlock that KUSHIDA calls the Hoverboard Lock.

Winner: KUSHIDA via submission (Hoverboard Lock)

The two men show each other respect after the match

Gedo vs. Ryusuke Taguchi

Fun fact, Gedo took on Chris Jericho on a WCW PPV in 1997. Gedo methodically works over Taguchi, which goes on for a solid 6-7 minutes before Taguchi blasts Gedo with his ass, leaving both men down. Taguchi isn't able to capitalize with much high impact offense, but applies an Ankle Lock. Gedo counters the Dodon, but gets dropkicked in the face anyway. Gedo blasts Taguchi between the legs, hits a Flatliner and pins Taguchi.


Winner: Gedo via pinfall (Flatliner)

Okada celebrates his mentor's victory at ringside.