NXT Tryout Names From Arnold Sports Festival Revealed- Indy Wrestlers, America's Got Talent, More

As we mentioned during our NXT at the Arnold Sports Festival coverage, WWE held live tryouts for the second consecutive year as an attraction for the show.

Casey Michael of Squared Circle Sirens, who has revealed numerous tryout names in the past, also revealed those from this weekend.

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* Roy "Flash" Gordon- IWA Mid-South wrestler

* JD Anderson- America's Got Talent season 9

* Damien Slater- Australian pro wrestler

* Ted Goods/Gregory Edwards- Beyond Wrestling talent.

* Hattie Boydle- Fitness model

* MJ Jenkins- Indy wrestler. Worked EVOLVE dark match.

* Raven Duron- Tried out for WWE Tough Enough

It's worth noting that nobody from last year's live WWE tryouts were signed. The tryouts that take place at the Arnold Sports Festival are an abbreviated version of the much more intricate tryouts WWE holds.