Roman Reigns Talks Not Being Able To Avoid The Wrestling Business, Winning The WWE Title, NFL, More

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns was interviewed by The Edmonton Sun heading in to WrestleMania, You can see some highlights below, and the full article at this link.

Winning the WWE Title:


"I think once you've had the title, that's all you really think about," he said. "It's weird to say, I'm a two-time champion ? hopefully three-time after Dallas ? there is huge enjoyment to have that title on your shoulder, to travel the whole world to defend it every single night in a different town, all over the country, all over the world. To be able to have that responsibility, there's nothing like it."

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Not making it in the NFL:

"I tried to find that NFL team ? you're always searching, you're looking for that team, that team that's going to change your life. For me, WWE was my team. It just took me a while to find that and to realize it, but they've always been there since the day I was born."


If wrestling ever wasn't an option for him:

"I can only speak from my experience and no, there was no way to avoid it."

Source: Edmonton Sun