– Rosa Mendes recently spoke with E! Online about giving birth to her first baby girl named Jordan a few weeks ago. Rosa will be getting back in the gym soon and is looking forward to returning to WWE but says she’s in no hurry. She commented:

“I’m enjoying my time with Jordan. Of course I can’t wait to get back to work and to get in the ring and see everybody, but right now I really want to raise her and be a good mom and be the best mother I can be. Right now I just want to concentrate on her.”

“We haven’t really discussed when I’m coming back, because I’m the first pregnant Diva so, this has never happened before. So WWE and I are kind of learning as we go here. So I’ll be ready to get back to work whenever they need me.”

Rosa also revealed that Jordan’s arrival will be featured on Total Divas:

“Actually my labor, like me going into labor and stuff will be on the show. Not my actual labor, but yes in the hospital and everything.”

Source: E! Online

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