Sasha Banks And Becky Lynch On Who's Going To WrestleMania 32, Why They Deserve A Title Shot, More

- As seen above, this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch as they prepare to face each other on SmackDown for a shot at WWE Divas Champion Charlotte at WrestleMania 32. Below are highlights:


* Cole asks Sasha if she thought she would be in this position one year ago. Sasha says absolutely. She dreams of being in the WrestleMania ring every year and this year she will be there. Becky says the same thing, she watched last year and knew she would be there this year. Cole brings up Becky's chance at the Royal Rumble and she blames the loss on Ric Flair's interference. She also mentions Sasha's post-match cheap shot. Sasha says it was a statement. She's watched every Diva get a shot but her. Sasha says she will beat Charlotte because she's done it before

* Sasha says she was born to be the best. She thinks she's better than Becky, Charlotte and The Nature Boy. Becky says she's the fire of the Divas division and she's going straight to WrestleMania


* Sasha says she was surprised at the double pin on RAW. Sasha says Becky is lucky because the referee didn't give them another minute. Cole brings up their SmackDown match and asks Becky why she thinks she should get the shot at WrestleMania. Becky says she's never been handed anything but will be handed the title after she beats Charlotte for it. Sasha says she should go because she's the best, the best Diva WWE has ever seen. She deserves to go to WrestleMania and deserves an opportunity. She says Becky already had a shot and failed. They argue more about who's going to WrestleMania and that wraps the interview