Sasha Banks On What Wrestlers She's Been Studying, Her Special WrestleMania 32 Gear, WWE Future

- Sasha Banks recently spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine to promote WWE's WrestleMania 32. The full interview can be read at this link. Below are highlights:

Always studying the business:


"I watch so much wrestling to open my mind so I can figure out what I want to do. I try to figure out what kind of reaction I want. Then there is a lot of cardio. I have to have my wind up. I can't be dying out there. For me, if I can't visually dream and see what I'm doing, it's not meant to be. I have been visualizing this WrestleMania match in my head. It's going to be a bad-ass match for sure. ?I look to Eddie Guerrero. I love watching Amazing Red. He is absolutely awesome. I've also been watching a lot of old school AJ Styles and some of his triple threat matches. I'm just getting ideas and getting my mind rolling."

Her WrestleMania 32 entrance:

"That will be a huge surprise. My ring gear is going to be a one-time thing just for WrestleMania. So that's going to be pretty big. Once I'm done with that, I'm going to hang it up in my wrestling room. It's going to be glorious. My ring jacket is going to be the baddest ring jacket you've ever seen in your whole life. The entrance ? you're just going to watch and see what I have in store."


Her WWE future and goals:

"I feel like I've done everything I wanted to do since I was 10. Now I get that WrestleMania match and I think about what else I need to do. I want to be the first-ever woman to have a Money in the Bank match. I think that would be really cool and different. I would love to main event a WrestleMania one day, of course, with Bayley. I think she is the best we have. I just want to keep doing things that are the first-time ever and keep opening the doors for women's wrestling."

Banks also discussed WWE NXT, the Divas Revolution, her cousin Snoop Dogg being a big WWE fan and more in the full interview.

Source: Channel Guide Magazine