Steve Austin Talks Working Royal Rumble Matches, Nobody Getting Themselves Over In This Year's Match

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he spoke about his shows on CMT and much more.

During the show, the three-time Royal Rumble winner Austin talked about the difficulties of working a Royal Rumble, or any battle royal in which time has to be killed.


"They're hard matches to work. You've got the squared circle and people start buying time and they're doing the 'I'm gonna lift you up but not get you over' and here comes another guy to join in and the two guys can't get the guy over the rope, then they finally do but he lands on the apron, it's time killing stuff that's been done a million times." Austin said.

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Austin agreed that the Royal Rumble match this year was better, but nobody came in and got themselves over with offense.

"So many people this year, it was okay, but most of the people didn't run in and get their s–t in. Nobody got over. You watch a guy come out like a house of fire, you can make yourself in a Royal Rumble. You can get tossed out, you don't have to win it to get over," Austin said.


You can see Austin's full comments on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast above.