The Rock Films Surprise Scene And Surprises Kids, WrestleMania 32 Steelbook News, Lana Rips Hotel

- reports that WrestleMania 32 will be the next "Steelbook Blu-ray" release by WWE. The first "Steelbook" release will be in April with The Dudley Boyz set, which will be a Best Buy Exclusive in the United States. The WrestleMania "Steelbook" has been confirmed for the UK but could be released in the US as well. The WrestleMania 32 DVD and Blu-ray will be released on May 10th in the US, May 18th in Australia and June 6th in the UK.


- Lana is the latest WWE star to call out a hotel or airline on her Twitter. She tweeted the following about Marriott today:

- The Rock noted on Twitter that he flew to Atlanta today to film a surprise ending to the "Central Intelligence" comedy with Kevin Hart that comes out this summer. Rock also made a surprise visit to kids in the Pediatric Specialty Ward while filming Baywatch scenes at Memorial Health Hospital in Savannah, Georgia. He posted these photos:

So I called an audible and went to visit Christopher. Glad we did... While I was visiting the Pediatric Specialty Ward surprising the kids, I got word from my team that there was a mom who was pleading with our production staff, that I go upstairs to her son's room to give him a much needed big surprise. Since he's older he's in the main hospital and not in pediatric care. We were shooting #BAYWATCH scenes outside of the hospital, but instead of heading back to shoot I called the audible, put production on hold and went upstairs to see this young man. I walked in and his smile lit up the room! And I mean lit that room up!;) We talked for a while about his family, his school and how hard he's working to eventually graduate AND we talked about how COOL all his scars are from his multiple surgeries – from his head to his chest – those scars are badges of honor and the reminder of how beyond tough this kid is. Right before I left his mom looked at him and said, "Christopher I can't give you anything, but I'm so happy I could give you this today..." and she started to breakdown, which was captured in this pic. Made me think to give so much credit to these parents who would do anything to take their kid's pain away and ANYTHING to bring a smile to their faces. As a papa bear I understand. Glad this mom brought a smile to Christopher's face. And glad I got a chance to shake the hand of this very strong and inspiring young man. Stay strong Christopher and show them scars with pride. You're the man! ~ DJ


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