TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Spud Explains Himself, Carter's Revenge, Kurt Angle, Gail Kim, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Matt Hardy is backstage. He thanks Spud for his help last week. They hug.


Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Angle won with the ankle lock. Good match that was safe enough by Angle standards.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Roode and Storm congratulate Angle on his win and call him a legend. They drink milk and alcohol together. Angle says something about wanting to see Beer Money vs. Edwards/Richards. The wolves appear. Edwards points out Storm still has his tag title shot. The guys shake hands in the middle of the ring and the match is happening next week.

Matt Hardy is out with Reby and Tyrus. He gloats about his win over Carter on last week's show. He informs us that Carter will never get a shot again. He praises Spud for helping him. Spud comes out. Spud trashes England. He says the fans are just jealous. Spud said he wanted to hurt EC3 and did so by taking the WHC title from him. He calls Matt the champion TNA needs. Carter comes out. He goes after Matt. Spud tries to attack him. Carter wants a match with Spud tonight. No ref. No rules.


Gail Kim is mad at Maria for her betrayal at Lethal Lockdown. She wants a fight.

A Decay music video airs. Dixie is annoyed at Matt for what happened moments earlier. She gives her nephew the streetfight against Spud that he requested.

Abyss vs. Jimmy Havoc

Abyss won with the Black Hole Slam on the barbed wire.

Winner: Abyss

Mike Bennett hypes up his match with Galloway later tonight. Carter compliments Spud for waiting whole year to get his vengeance, but calls him a lamb to the slaughter tonight.

Kim comes out. She wants to fight Maria. Maris appears and doesn't seem keen. Kim says unlike Maria she's not interested in fame. She just wants to wrestle. Maria shrewdly points out she's married to a TV chef. Oh, good one. They trade more words and Gail ends up chasing after Maria until she's blindsided by Jade.Jade smacks her with the belt and indicates she wants to be the champion.

Eric Young vs. Big Damo

Big Damo put on a strong performance but Young ended up retaining with the piledriver.

Winner: Eric Young

Galloway says he's ready for Bennett.

Mike Bennett vs. Drew Galloway

Bennett won with the schoolboy. Galloway had the win with the Claymore at one point, but Maria got her man's foot on the rope.


Winner: Drew Galloway

Matt Hardy gives Spud a pep talk. He tells to make EC3 pay for the things he has done. Grado/Odarg cuts a promo and says he will provide conclusive proof he was screwed out of his job.

Matt Hardy and Tyrus attack Carter as he heads to the ring. Carter is able to lock them in the trailer.

Carter vs. Spud

Great fight. It ended with Carter choking out Spud and the refs having to get involved. Spud also got powerbombed through the table.

Winner: Ethan Carter