Total Divas Recap: Nattie's Name Dilemma, Paige's Relationship Problems, Brie And Daniel, More

When she's booking herself into a hotel, we learn Nattie is still using her maiden name. Nikki and Brie are curious as to why she isn't going by Wilson. Nattie says she's still attached to the Neidhart name. Brie urges her to take her husband's name, like she did. Hey, kayfabe-wise,doesn't that make her Brianna Bryan?


Paige goes all feminist and claims TJ should be the one who changes his last name. Nattie suggests this to TJ over brunch?he's offended. He thinks it will affect his manliness. Even more than having brunch does apparently.

TJ thinks he's in his wife's shadow enough as it is. Then TJ goes to the forest, wrestles a bear, grabs an ax and chops down a tree in an effort to reassert his masculinity.

Anyway, Nattie eventually comes to a compromise and legally changes her name to Natalya Neidhart-Wilson. Man, she should have went with Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. No imagination, that girl.

Paige goes to stay with Alicia. She needs time away from Kevin, whom she's been arguing with more and more lately. Yeah, Paige and Kevin's relationship is more doomed than a Spinal Tap drummer. Are those two ever not having problems?


Eh, even if they do split, I'm sure Kevin will be fine and find a new girlfriend easily. He's in a rock band. He has a cool leather jacket. That is literally all he needs.

Meanwhile, Brie and Daniel try to spice up their marriage. Technically, there's nothing wrong with their marriage, but it's an E! reality show driven by ratings, so everyone always has to be "trying to spice things up" all the time because they're "afraid things have grown stale."

Brie consults Nikki for romantic advice. Nikki suggests more date nights. She tells Brie to make more effort with these things. Nikki talks to Brie about the time she sent Cena a big bouquet of flowers and he loved them. Yeah, now that that's out, I think Cena might be joining TJ on that forest trip. Nikki wants to organize a romantic evening out for her sister.

The couple go out for a fancy dinner. Bryan dislikes having to wear an expensive suit. Then they drive around in a big limo?Daniel is uncomfortable with this whole thing too. "Don't you think this is a little gaudy?" he asks his wife. Bryan would be terrible in a rap video.

Also: It's very, very odd that after all these years, Nikki still seems to know virtually nothing about her brother-in-law or his interests. Yeah, the show has not scripted her well this week.


Later, Brie rents Bryan an electric car, which makes him ridiculously happy, thus proving you can save your marriage and the environment at the same time.

In other news: Rosa is having a go at interviewing. Hey, it can't be any worse than her wrestling. No, really, it can't be.

On next week's episode: Kevin, Cena, TJ and Daniel all go for a road trip in Daniel's new car and contemplate why they're letting these crazy women and this overtly scripted and cheesy reality show complicate their otherwise peaceful lives. They then all decide to keep driving and are never seen again.