Triple H On If He Has Worked Out With Shane McMahon, Stephanie And Linda McMahon On Vince In The Gym

As noted, Stephanie McMahon, Linda McMahon and Triple H were at the Multichannel News' TV Wonder Woman Award ceremony in New York City this past week where Stephanie was honored. Linda received the award in 2007, making her and Stephanie the first mother-daughter duo to receive the honor.


In the video above, TMZ Sports catches up with Stephanie and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The reporter asks why they choose to work out at midnight and they talk about how it's the only time they have. Triple H says they do not work out with Vince because he's too crazy and is still a monster in the gym. Stephanie commented how Vince leaves the office at 11pm and goes to the gym. Triple H also gives props to Shane McMahon and quipped that he's been looking "phenomenal," but says they have not worked out.

In the video below, the same reporter catches up with Linda McMahon. He asks how Vince is doing and she says he's awesome. Linda also doesn't workout with Vince because she "knows better." Linda says Vince is as strong as he's ever been because he works hard at it, hitting the gym up to 5 days a week. Linda also believes Vince will put the others "to shame" and said we'll have to "wait and see" when it comes to Vince wrestling again.