Triple H Talks Roman Reigns' Reaction From WWE Fans, The Audiences Being Split, Filling Up An Arena

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H spoke to Denny Burkholder of CBS Sports this week ahead of the huge WrestleMania event this Sunday. You can check out a few highlights below, and the full post at this link.


Crowd reaction to Roman Reigns:

"You know, the hardest thing in this business to do now is, as a character, to either make everyone love you or everyone hate you," Levesque said with a laugh. "The world is a divided place in politics, in music and everything. Choices now, and people's opinions, are front and center more than ever. The Internet makes that readily available to everybody. They know all of the machinations of everything and the behind-the-scenes of everything, you know.

"It used to be that the good guy was the guy that didn't cheat, you know what I mean? It was just very simple. The world has changed. I think [Reigns has] done a phenomenal job. He's, you know, from a behind-the-scenes standpoint, a great human being. I'm really happy for his success, as I am for all of them."


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Getting mixed reactions from audiences:

"The days of everybody loves the white knight and everybody hates the dark knight are gone," Levesque said. "You've seen it for, what, the last 10 years with John Cena. I used to say to John all the time, 'You're the Red Sox and the Yankees in the same game. Half the place hates you, half the place loves you, but it's full, so who cares?'"

Triple H goes on to talk about all of the injuries sustained by WWE talents, the Authority and much more. You can check out the full interview at this link.

Source: CBS Sports