"UFC 196: McGregor Vs. Diaz" Results: Conor McGregor Defeated, Miesha Tate Shocks The World

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz. Tonight's show takes place from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can check out the full card at this link.

We'll have quick results of the preliminary card starting at 6:30 PM ET, with full, live, round-by-round coverage of the main card at 10 PM ET. We'll also have a live podcast following the show!


Preliminary Card:

* Teruto Ishihara defeated Julian Erosa via KO (punches), Round 2, 0:34

* Jason Saggo defeated Justin Salas via TKO (punches) Round 1, 4:31

* Diego Sanchez defeated Jim Miller via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

* Darren Elkins (#11) defeated Chas Skelly via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-27, 30-26)

* Vitor Miranda defeated Marcelo GuimarĂ£es via TKO(head kick and punches), Round 2 1:09

* Nordine Taleb defeated Erick Silva via KO (punch) Round 2, 1:34

* Siyar Bahadurzada defeated Brandon Thatch via Submission (arm-triangle choke), Round 3, 1:55

Main Card
Amanda Nunes (#4) vs. Valentina Shevchenko (#10)

Round 1: Nunes lands a head kick, but VS doesn't flinch and throws a combo back at her. Nunes connects with a right when the two trade. Nunes telegraphs a wheel kick and misses by a mile. Nunes lands a kick to the body, then takes Shevchenko down and lands an elbow to end the round.


Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Amanda Nunes

Round 2: Nunes starts with a body kick, which forces VS to open up. Shevchenko catches a Nunes kick and almost boots Nunes in the head illegally, but ends up getting taken down. Nunes opens up with big elbows and strikes. Nunes takes the back, and works a face crank for a while, but VS escapes.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Amanda Nunes

Round 3: Nunes goes for a takedown, but eats a knee and elbow and gets put on her back. VS works a top wristlock to set up a couple of grinding elbows. Nunes gets back up, but eats more strikes, but puts her hand down to avoid knees to the head. VS starts landing at will with combinations and knees. Schevchecko scores a Superman punch to the body, and snaps Nunes down to close the round.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Valentina Shevchenko, making it 29-28 Nunes.

Official Result: Amanda Nunes (#4) defeated Valentina Shevchenko (#10) via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)

Amanda Nunes faded in that last round, and Shevchenko didn't turn it on to the third. The two probably correlate. Also, Nunes may not have won if the "hand on the ground" rule prevented knees to the head. Nunes may have earned a title shot.


Tom Lawlor vs. Corey Anderson (#12)
Round 1: Lawlor lands a nice series of strikes in the first couple of minutes and stuffs a takedown attempt. Lawlor lands another right, but Anderson scores a couple of leg kicks.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Tom Lawlor

Round 2: Lawlor connects with a straight left, and he's looking good on his feet. Anderson is continuing to throw leg kicks, but isn't setting them up. Anderson gets Lawlor with a nice 1-2 combo, and another right hand. Lawlor delivers a knee with about 40 seconds left, and they start slugging it out.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-10 as a draw

Round 3: Lawlor lands a short right hand to the jaw, but Anderson takes him down. A lot of nothing happens and the ref stands them up with a minute left

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Corey Anderson, Making it a 29-29 draw

Official Result: Corey Anderson (#12) defeated Tom Lawler via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

That decision is indicative of a broken scoring system. Anderson was outclassed. There are judges who should be questioned for 30-27.

Gian Villante (#13) vs. Ilir Latifi
Round 1:
Villante throws a big kick, but nothing's doing. Latifi lands a big punch, but can't capitalize. Latifi scores a good body combo and a kick to the knee. Villante smokes Latifi with a big kick.


Wrestling Inc scores round 1 10-9 for Ilir Latifi

Round 2: Villante is throwing some nasty kicks, but Latifi German suplexes him to the ground. Villante gets back up, but is welcomed by a Latifi combo to the body. Villante lands with an overhand right that does no damage, and follows with an inside leg kick. Latifi goes for a couple of spin kicks but gets stuffed. Latifi secures the round with his second takedown and some strikes.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Latifi

Round 3: Latifi goes to the body again, and nothing happens for the next three minutes until Latifi cracks Villante twice. Latifi gets a takedown with 30 seconds left to seal the fight.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Latifi, making it 30-27 Latifi

Official Result: Ilir Latifi defeated Gian Villante (#13) via unanimous decision

That was a miserable fight.

UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship
Holly Holm (c) vs. Miesha Tate (#2)
Round 1:
Holm throws an oblique kick, which is the only offense of the first minute of the fight until a side kick. Tate is being really cautious and utilizing good footwork. Holm connects with a straight right. Tate barely hits Holm with a body kick, but Holm fires back with a side kick. Holm throws a head kick and side kick.


Wrestling Inc scores round one 10-9 for Holly Holm

Round 2: Holm counters Tate early with a left hand, but Holm is taken down, and Tate is in half guard. Tate throws some strikes. Tate is controlling Holm with wrestling and throwing nasty elbows. Tate takes back control. Rear naked choke is locked in! Holm escapes! Wow!

Wrestling Inc scores round two 10-8 for Miesha Tate

Round 3: Holm throws a good head kick one minute into the round. Each woman connects with a strike, and Holm cracks Tate with a right hand. Holm stuffs a takedown and delivers an uppercut. Holm with a quick left, but Tate lands one of her own. Holm is getting the better of these exchanges and is mixing it up much better than Tate.

Wrestling Inc scored round three 10-9 for Holly Holm

Round 4: Tate grabs a clinch, but Holm turns it around and disengages. She's content to land her strikes at range, which she does almost at will. Holm stuffs yet another takedown and lands a front kick to the neck.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Holly Holm

Round 5: Tate comes out aggressive in round 5, but Holm stays away from her clinch. Tate drags Holm to the groung and locks on a choke! Holm goes out!!! Tate wins!!

Official Result: Miesha Tate (#2) defeats Holly Holm via submission (rear naked choke) Round 5, to become the UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion


That was unbelievable heart. What a win for Miesha Tate. Unbelievable! An all-time classic finish

Conor McGregor (Featherweight Champion) vs. Nate Diaz (#5 LW)
Round 1:
The size difference is crazy. McGregor goes for a spin kick and Nate clinches. McGregor gets out and the two trade, with McGregor landing a big left. Diaz gets a right hand an McGregor has trouble closing the distance. McGregor scores with some leg kicks, but both men find success with punches. Conor starts countering, but Diaz gets a couple of good right hands. McGregor goes to the body, then the leg, but eats punches. He doesn't care and slugs Diaz. Diaz and McGregor end up on the ground, but nothing's doing.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 1 for Conor McGregor 10-9

Round 2: McGregor opens with a spin kick, but both men are just as active as the very close first round. Conor lands a huge body punch and a short left before another body kick and a left. Diaz tries to clinch, but McGregor gets out and starts picking Nate apart. Nate fights back and lands a Stockton Slap. Nate lands repeatedly for about twenty seconds and staggers Conor! Diaz is landing over and over! McGregor shoots, Diaz takes his back and submits him!!! Wow!


Winner: Nate Diaz defeated Conor McGregor via submission, Round 2, 4:12.

Well, the rematch is going to be huge.