Vince McMahon Challenging Dana White To A Fight Resurfaces, Mark Henry Wants New Dallas Cowboys QB

- Several media outlets – including Movie Pilot, What Culture and – picked up on a story that Dave Meltzer recently told on Wrestling Observer Radio about Vince McMahon wanting to fight UFC President Dana White at WrestleMania 27. Dana actually has spoken in the past about the challenge in media interviews, including RDS, as seen in the video above.


"Let me tell you something, and I've never said this before ever in any interview anywhere," Dana said. "If Vince hear's this, he's going to go nuts. Vince is too old, which he won't think he is, and he'll go crazy. And he wanted to [fight] one time. Vince wanted to fight me. Swear to God. Called me up and said, 'Let's do it. We can either do it in the UFC, or let's do it at WrestleMania.' And I said, 'You're crazy.'

"I always have said it, and I'll say it again... I respect Vince very much. But Vince is too old to be fighting anybody."

Dana also discussed Vince's challenge on The Arsenio Hall Show in 2014.

"Vince is 70 something years old," Dana told Arsenio. "[With] all the respect in the world to the guy, he's done great stuff. He's a maniac, he's a legitimate maniac. He literally calls me one day and says, 'hey, how about you and I fight? Fight in the UFC, or we can wrestle in the WWE, either way.' I'm like, 'you're a maniac!'"


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- The Dallas News has a short interview with Mark Henry at this link, who talked about the Dallas Cowboys. Henry said that he thinks that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo should be replaced.

"I think next year, definitely, they need to look into a quarterback," Henry said. "But that'd be a veteran team – next year, the offensive line will be seasoned, if you have a running back like Elliott that'd be great, and then you can look for a quarterback that's a good free agent, a veteran that understands how to relate to the players they have, and you just go from there."