Vince Russo Talks Having Heat With The Undertaker Following His WWF Exit

The Undertaker is an institution in the WWE. Since 1990, Undertaker has performed for the WWE as one of their headline acts. A large chunk of that time was under the writing of our own Vince Russo.

During his latest edition of Nuclear Heat, Russo explained that at one point he had heat with The Undertaker, and he said the situation broke his heart. Russo said after leaving WWE, he found out the news.


"I found out through Terry Taylor that I had a little bit of heat with Taker. Terry said to me 'he told me he always asked him to work when he was hurt. You used to expect him to work when he was hurt.' That really hurt me, I respected the Undertaker more than anyone else. I would never in my wildest dreams ask somebody to work a match if they were hurt. I said 'with all due respect, Taker never told me he was hurt.'"

Russo said that he'd often ask Undertaker if he was hurt, but was always told by the man himself that he was good to go. Because of this, Russo never knew if Undertaker was hurt or not.

"The boys would never tell you if they were hurt because they were afraid of losing their spot," Russo said.


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Russo would go on to say that Undertaker earned the respect of the locker room for many reasons. One of those reasons was that he wouldn't wear his emotions on his sleeve.

"I never saw Taker get mad, lose his temper, act unprofessional, or allow himself to show his emotions. I'm sure he did in closed door meetings with Vince McMahon and members of the roster. He led by example," Russo said.

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