Virgil Appears In New Music Video, Says Million Dollar Belt Could Have Been Worth $20 Million Today

Former WWE Million Dollar Champion Virgil has appeared in another music video, playing off of his old 'lonely Virgil' meme. He also plays drums in the video, which also features a Sandman action figure.

The band, MaxXout, also has posted several 'tales of the Virgil,' one of which has Virgil claiming that the Million Dollar Belt could be worth $20 million today.

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"Well it would have been $20 million If the gold market hadn't gone to s–t last year," Virgil said. "They keep it at the WWE towers in the lobby, a pair of armed security guards lock it up every night in a safe when they close. The safe lives in the basement, its too heavy to be anywhere else, and instead of key cards they use fingerprints to get in and out. The only way to steal it is to cut a hand off of either Vince McMahon or one of the security guards."

You can read all of the 'tales of the Virgil' at this link.