WWE NXT Recap (3/2): Finn Balor Vs. Neville, Former TNA Champion Debuts, Emma, Dana Brooke, More

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The Vaudevillains vs. Hugo Knox

Knox gets some early offense, but is quickly isolated on the other side of the ring. He breaks free and tags Tucker Knight. He gets a couple of clotheslines and eats the Whirling Dervish. Vaudevillains win.

Winners: The Vaudevillians via pinfall (Whirling Dervish)

- Emma and Dana Brooke are backstage trashing Deonna Purrazzo for losing to Asuka like they said. Emma says she's going to make an example out of her opponent tonight.

- We're shown the footage of the Revival jumping Enzo and Cass, and Cass says they're going to become champions. The Revival say maybe Enzo and Cass can spit shine them instead.

Emma (w/ Dana Brooke) vs. Santana Garrett

Emma lays a beating on Garrett for several minutes, methodically attacking the former TNA star. Garrett gets out of a modified surfboard and lands some screaming kicks and a Russian leg sweep, setting up a handspring elbow in the corner. Emma pushes her off the ropes and kicks Garrett in the tree of woe while Brooke cheats. Emma gets the submission with the Emma Lock.

Winner: Emma via submission (Emma Lock)

- William Regal says he needs to treat Eva Marie and Nia Jax like the stars they are, which seems to please them. They aren't so happy when he announces they'll face Bayley and Asuka soon.

- William Regal also introduces NXT's newest signing, which is Austin Aries. He's attacked and laid out by Baron Corbin.

Elias Samson vs. Steve Cutler

A little back and forth action before Samson slowly works Cutler over, hits him with a knee and the short arm neckbreaker.

Winner: Elias Samson (Short arm neckbreaker)

- The Hype Bros are backstage and say that losing to the Vaudevillains motivated them even more. They leave and the Vaudevillains are eerily watching them.

Finn Balor vs. Neville

Both men trade headlocks, with a Neville cartwheel dropkick thrown in as well. This goes on for a couple of minutes and even through the commercial break. Balor sends Neville outside, but the former Adrian recovers and scores with an Asai Moonsault onto the champ.

After a Neville crossface, Balor manages a Pele kick that leaves both men down. Balor takes Neville out with a suicide dropkick and an apron punt for a two count. Neville gets two German suplexes, but Balor manages to kick out. Neville goes up for the Red Arrow, but Balor gets an enziguri to knock him outside and then hits a flip to ringside.

Balor also goes up top, but gets stopped with a kick. Neville hits a terrifying frankensteiner, but gets caught with a Slingblade and turned inside out with a clothesline. Coup de Grace sets up Bloody Sunday and Balor wins.

Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall (Bloody Sunday)

Balor and Neville shake hands after the match.

- Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn are backstage. Joe says he's the reason Zayn still has a career and next week he's taking it away.


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